Letra Wear These Scars Of Testimony Goatwhore

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Álbum: No-album
Reproducciones: 15
Añadido: 05-08-2016
Duración: NO Disponible
Etiquetas: NO etiquetas

Letra de la canción Wear These Scars Of Testimony

Wear These Scars Of Testimony

Innocence inscribed in this crudeness of rites
Wounds worn by the heretics of light.

Creation of hell-bound life
Thrill of this inversion
Majesty of leviathan
Ambitious within hell.

Faultered with endless worship of neglect
Renounce this life in pain
Transform this intense self-allegiance with marks of descent.

Seen through eyes of blasphemy
This soul will become one with the blade.

This wake in testimonial acceptance of life?s end
I am the doorway that opens unto the path of darkness
Drowning skin with ancient beliefs of selfless deceit
The hour of death is at hand
The sixth lock is opened.

Engage this justice with streams of lifeless reject
This internal embrace within the confines of blood
Winds of stench upon this plain of the righteous
Whispering into the ears of deaf perversions.

These chains of the undivine held by the right hand of the devil
To achieve this revelation of the self mutilated.

The day that calls for mercy is denied with scorn of hate
Voices fall within the ghost of all memory
Engulf this lost soul in downfall of personal faith
Attained in violence.


Prodigy of the four will be unleashed through arteries of agony?s reign
Malevolence is endured within cycles of written resurrection
These wounds vomit the vital fluid that will raise the curse of blasphemy
The air filled lungs of this offering are inhaled by carrion.

Extraction in bleeding this loss
A scar that remains nameless is forged
Nocturnal in binding with this descent.

Exchanging of fluid with hate
These channels of life now fade
Dead young from Judea will rise.

Invoking this crudeness
This mark of Lucifer
Grasp of achieving
This comfort of entrance to hell.

Seething blade savior
In this kiss of failure
Sinking below
Restraint of dark walls so I am confined.

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