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Moxy Fruvous

Álbum: No-album
Reproducciones: 23
Añadido: 02-05-2015
Duración: NO Disponible
Etiquetas: NO etiquetas

Letra de la canción The Sabre Dance

We were thinking of our shrinking Fruvous budget
And we could sit and curse and angrily begrude it
Or we could spend the week-end in Fort Erie having fun
And while we're at it make a speedy border run.
Yes, we'll be stocking up on simple little pleasures
And then we'll speed through the express lane with our treasures
This border shopping is a lot more fun than one might think
In fact, until last week we didn't smoke or
Drinks are duty-free, smokes are duty-free
This is gonna be quite a shopping spree
Toys and gasoline, nylon, Neoprine
Toilet paper and soap.
Start packing the car, we're leaving today
I'm gonna buy a ton of it in old New York
Canadian goods, they're yesterday's news
These days I'm buying stars and stripes,
Check out these shoes.
I want to buy it in a city that sells it cheap
And find I've gone for a drive, saved me a heap (saved him a heap!)
There's a bold new future high on the horizon
And a VCR I kinda had my eyes'n
But does this border shopping have a darker side,
And are we being taken for a ride?
Say, what's all the fuss, Free Trade's gotta grow
But it's a fear of fiscal consequence for Canada,
And that our companies will move to Mexico.
But we've got no choice, more taxes each year
But if we're spending all our money in the USA,
Then our social programs may just disappear
There's lots of merchandise at super-duper what a price
And Carmel ice-cream will entice, it's shopping that you simply ignore,
in store
Spend Sunday in your Honda fighting crowds in Townawanda
More exhausting than Jane Fonda
And you've only got ten minutes more to score
You rush to Onandaga, race across to Cheektowaga
Feeling like your shopping saga's worthy of a spot on Channel 4, News 4
Then driving home you wonder if your pillage and your plunder
Hasn't been a massive blunder!
All right, let's be frank, we lose at the bank
Free Trade is shutting business down, so Moxy propose
We trade the GST for Jan and Wayne Gretsky
And keep our cash in that country
OHIP, Medicare, Welfare, we can share, Univeristy, UI subsidy
OHIP, Medicare, Welfare, we can share, University, UI subsidy dropped!

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