Letra Slow Cook Propaganda

Aquí tienes la letra de Slow Cook del cantante Propaganda y el video de Slow Cook que puedes encontrar en su disco Crooked, y fué editado por primera vez en el año 2018. Además puedes encontrar todas las canciones del album Crooked de Propaganda, eso si, no podemos facilitarte la descarga directa de Slow Cook ni de ninguna de sus canciones.

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Álbum: Crooked
Año: 2018
Reproducciones: 2
Añadido: 02-03-2018
Duración: 2017

Letra de la canción Slow Cook

smoked by a bloke reppin' Ghostown And I
wish I coulda known him My granny said
he cold on that saxophone And he's why I
love music It's crazy how a man you

never met can influence you Like the
music for which you listen could shape
how you raise your children Like crooked
men with dope pens inspired how I make
my living Gang affiliation how it
fascinated a nation but That's the hip
hop I fell in love with (Hook) That slow
cook that dry rub marinate gotta let
it sit That's the hip hop I fell in love
with That's the hip hop I fell in love
with That slow cook that head nod the
neck brace that stank face That's the
hip hop I fell in love with That's the
hip hop I fell in love with Part 2
(Verse 3) Yeah b-boy p-noid me and
qya Efechto Roll into your show like
( aché ate ??) Destroy deploy
eclectic (fresh low??) Sho' nuff showed
up like don't play José Take notes
of this fire hydrant of wokeness I
inspire the dopest emcees to stay bold
kid Heavy-handed pen stroke been dope
since Reaganomics Trickle down and
ruined my hometown if I'm honest Me -
just a city boy show me no pity boy
Stand up man up the only rules of the
committee On some climbing over fences
to edge of the LA River And scribble the
syllables the city thought were silly
But we was all we had though next door
to the vatos Between Florence 13 and
dieciocho This is how we grew 'em
hybrid hip-hop and hoodlum True school
'em cause the one you enrolled in is
failing ya Backpack of rhyme books no
hooks that's for radio My favorite
emcees don't play no stadiums Outside
the Palladium battling the openers Only
audible audience stood in awe and
awkwardness Obvious we were too young
but better rap than guns Master
kickflips I don't hold semi-automatic
clips They haggling for me to get a blue
rag dangling From my pocket tangling
with the wrong crowd Stop it but that's
the hip-hop I fell in love with That's
the hip-hop I threw my dubs with Letra
Slow Cook

Letra de Slow Cook de Propaganda disponible en el álbum Crooked en el año 2018.
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