Letra Oh Girl Julian Marley

Aquí tienes la letra de Oh Girl del cantante Julian Marley y el video de Oh Girl que puedes encontrar en su disco Awake, y fué editado por primera vez en el año 2009. Además puedes encontrar todas las canciones del album Awake de Julian Marley, eso si, no podemos facilitarte la descarga directa de Oh Girl ni de ninguna de sus canciones.

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Julian Marley

Álbum: Awake
Año: 2009
Reproducciones: 118
Añadido: 07-05-2015

Letra de la canción Oh Girl

This one is one of those kinda ones you know. The kind you dream about you know what I mean? I just wanted to let you you mean everything to me. Oh girl I wanna have a talk with you. Just to let you know how I feel. You make me feel like I am higher than the sky. But I gotta be true to myself. Keep my feet on solid ground. You know just what you mean to me. If you don't know baby you are my destiny. Where I wanna be is close to you. I'm just asking for a minute so I can vibe with you. Oh girl girl. I wanna have a ball with you. Wanna let you know just how I feel. You know what I told her too. Listen. When your with me on the dance floor dancin' end the night off with a little romancin'. I love the way you move with the music. I'm trying to keep my cool but i'm about to lose it. The way you push your body all on me Your making me more horny. You got a jam rock jammmin' on top pf a mountain and of course I'm drinking from a fountain. The red wine now this is me. Cash in some green it aint the same routine. I love the time I spend with my lady friend. Take naps then we wake up and do something else again. Like take cruise and go jet skiing. I'm glad when you opened up you let me in. Besides your such a beautiful human being. And we standin' on the balcony you seein' what I'm seein'? Oh girl you picked me up when I was feeling down. Got me what I needed in times of trouble. So girl I wanna have it all with you. Wanna let you know just how I feel. How I feel. Oh girl I wanna have a ball with you. I wanna let you know just how I feel.

Video de Oh Girl - Julian Marley

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Letra de Oh Girl de Julian Marley disponible en el álbum Awake en el año 2009.
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