Letra New Routine Fountains of Wayne

Aquí tienes la letra de New Routine del cantante Fountains of Wayne y el video de New Routine que puedes encontrar en su disco Welcome interstate managers, y fué editado por primera vez en el año 2003. Además puedes encontrar todas las canciones del album Welcome interstate managers de Fountains of Wayne, eso si, no podemos facilitarte la descarga directa de New Routine ni de ninguna de sus canciones.

Foto de Fountains of Wayne

Fountains of Wayne

Álbum: Welcome interstate managers
Año: 2003
Reproducciones: 30
Añadido: 28-04-2015

Letra de la canción New Routine

Two men sit in the corner of a diner
Both of them look quite a bit like Carl Reiner
One of them is smoking even though the sign says not to
The waitress says to stop he says sorry but I've got to
They tell each other jokes that they both know that they both know
They talk about real estate prostates Costco
And when they finish up they leave a twenty on the table
The waitress picks it up with their half-eaten bagels
And when her shift is over she goes back to Mineola
Sits on the couch opens up a diet cola and says

I'm so I'm so sick of this place I'm so ready for a change of pace
I'm just looking for a new routine
So she spins her globe and the next thing you know
She's living in Liechtenstein

She doesn't speak German only high school Spanish
But within a few weeks she discovers she can manage
But there's not much going on except for banking and skiing
So she breaks up with the man that she just started seeing
He drops her at the airport in a diesel Mercedes
Thinks to himself I'm so feeble with the ladies and I

I'm so I'm so sick of this place
I'm so ready for a change of pace
I'm just looking for a new routine
So he grabs his cap
Throws a dart at a map
And now he's living in Bowling Green

He talks his way into
A job at La Quinta
Falls for the manager
Who's moving back to Canada
She's tried Roanoke Reykjavik Rome
Says you're really sweet but I just want to go home

Two men sit in the corner of a diner
One of them says I might take a trip to China
It's one of those things we should do before we're too old
Thanks but no thanks bring me back an egg roll
Bring it back

Letra de New Routine de Fountains of Wayne disponible en el álbum Welcome interstate managers en el año 2003.
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