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Aquí tienes la letra de GoGo del cantante Black Nail Cabaret y el video de GoGo que puedes encontrar en su disco Emerald City, y fué editado por primera vez en el año 2012. Además puedes encontrar todas las canciones del album Emerald City de Black Nail Cabaret, eso si, no podemos facilitarte la descarga directa de GoGo ni de ninguna de sus canciones.

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Black Nail Cabaret

Álbum: Emerald City
Año: 2012
Reproducciones: 36
Añadido: 25-04-2015

Letra de la canción GoGo

I do the solo
Easy like the gogo
Turning naked up there
To learn something about
The people all the pretty people
They can never see me
When I'm crying aloud

I do the gogo
Spectacular solo
While my nerves are crossing
The borderline
And the people
The shiny happy people
Remind me it's just gogo
Not cry cry

I'm not ready I'm not really ready yet
I don't look easy I don't look really easy yet
Give me time give me a lipstick
Smells like the lions are hungry enough

I'm not ready I'm not really ready yet
I don't feel naughty I don't feel really horny yet
I'm a twat I shouldn't do this
The feed me while I'm playing the part


Give me powder
Give me dab it to my nose
Im a clown but normally I'm scared of those
Creepy faces
Give me a chrome pole
It's my time to save the world for tonight

I'm not ready I'm not really ready yet
But I'm horny or maybe I just act like that
Give me a smoke give me champagne
And I try to be a lady for a while

Only you see glasses dancing on the table
Hands are frozen eyes wide open
You try to catch your halo in the mirror
Mirror you've got to tell me
Is that you or I'm a false reflection in your eyes
I look into their eyes
And ask if anyone can tell my name
What's my name?


Video de GoGo - Black Nail Cabaret

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