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Álbum: Hear My Cry
Reproducciones: 25
Añadido: 19-08-2015
Duración: NO Disponible
Etiquetas: NO etiquetas

Letra de la canción Girl Jackie

Glad it was the day when Jackie
Came into my life and made it brighter


I was the kind of man to play the field
Never new that love was real
Never the truth it's always a lie
In front of man well she was like shy
Now his back is turned it's a different story
Partying till light hit the sky
Coming home at half past five
Yes she has an alibi
It's her friend Patsy
I don't want no girl to think I'm out for a fool
Better you take it nice and cool
Don't you treat I man like the mule of a donkey
I don't want no girl to think I'm out for a clown
Wheeling up town and down town
The word is that you'd run around
Your with everybody

Jackie is the kind of girl
Who loves to fly around the world
Flying from New York straight on to Paris
Driving in a Mercedes Benz
Living life and making ends
Lots of people lots of friend
That's what makes her happy
I don't want to be the one to stand in her way
I miss her nights and I miss her days
But she's the girl that loves to play cat and mouse games
Now then I'm afraid I'll have to say goodbye(ME)
I did my best and yes I've tried
She left me for that other guy
But life goes on baby

Glad it was the day when sunshine
Came into my life and made it brighter


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