Letra Five Gallon Tear Aaron Tippin

Aquí tienes la letra de Five Gallon Tear del cantante Aaron Tippin y el video de Five Gallon Tear que puedes encontrar en su disco Read Between the Lines, y fué editado por primera vez en el año 1992. Además puedes encontrar todas las canciones del album Read Between the Lines de Aaron Tippin, eso si, no podemos facilitarte la descarga directa de Five Gallon Tear ni de ninguna de sus canciones.

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Aaron Tippin

Álbum: Read Between the Lines
Año: 1992
Reproducciones: 24
Añadido: 13-05-2015

Letra de la canción Five Gallon Tear

We were all drinking at marge's one
When an old cowboy came through the
He took a few shaky steps
Then he started to moan
And he keeled over right on the floor
Doc came on over took his stethoscope
He listened and he looked in his eyes
He said Boys stick around
I just might need your help
I'm afraid this will be a long night

Cause there's a five gallon tear a five- gallon tear
Lodged in this poor boy's heart
By the look in his eyes he ain't cried in
And he's reatining a five gallon tear

Doc wrote a prescription to induce him
to cry
It was whiskey and sad country songs
We propped him up in a booth
And poured a drink down his throat
Then we turned that old wurlitzer on
Well he spluttered and he coughed
And he hung down his head
As those lonely songs worked on his
When the memories started coming six
minutes apart
We laid him face-up on the bar

And then a five gallon tear a five gallon
Slowly welled up in his eyes
We all yelled Push! and we all gave a
When he cried that five gallon tear

That jar by the door don't hold pig feet
no more
The contents are sparkling clear
That liquid within is not moonshine or
It's a reminder to everyone here

Yeah it's a five gallon tear a five gallon
Let this be a lesson to you
Keep your sorrow inside for too many
And you'll cry that five gallon tear

Buddy you'll cry
You'll cry a five gallon tear



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Letra de Five Gallon Tear de Aaron Tippin disponible en el álbum Read Between the Lines en el año 1992.
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