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Big Scoob

Álbum: Damn Fool
Año: 2011
Reproducciones: 30
Añadido: 17-05-2015

Letra de la canción Dead-A-Man

[Intro - Krizz Kaliko]
????? ??? ????? ?????? ???? ??? ??????? ????
But I should have been dead!

[Verse 1 - Big Scoob]
I'm a beast from the streets I'm sweaty and breathing hard
I'm peeping in thru the window he's slipping puffing cigars
Sipping on some brandy it's dandy just for a moment
He flaunted now I want it I plotted and got up on it

Breathing like a deamon ?Poseidon then? start my evening
I'm thingking 'bout my heathens I'm ?feeding? so I ain't leaving
Destruction as a bust in! Yelling loud and cussing!
Looking like the devil gripping metal I ain't bluffing!

Take me to the money ?viola? just like I told ya
Playing with me only gonna make cock an explosion
Soldier told ya first time that ya met a nigga
Play the game fair or regret you ever met me nigga!

--- [Hook] x2
[Big Scoob]
On a mission out hunting I'm vicious and look suspicious
Best believe me when I tell you I will!
Let me do it I can do it been thru it but nigga really?!

[Krizz Kaliko]
I should have been dead!

[Verse 2 - Big Scoob]
Moving slow sitting low we've been hunting all night
On a mission with precision bout to take this nigga's life
Only bright nigga played me for a large sum of cash
Hope it's worth it when this choppa get to sing it to his ass!

With this bullets singing past cutting holes thru his ass
I forget alotta shit but I remember all my ????
Let it pass been a year now I bet he think I'm soft
He was playing checkers it was chess that I was tought

I'm strategic so believe it every nigga that has wronged me
Either finished briething or one evening he won't be!
I wished that is was different and I didn't had to kill for bread
But this the life I chose when he shows this nigga's dead

--- [Hook] x2 ---

[Verse 3 - Big Scoob]
God's karma man these niggas let me have it I was slipping
I was going off to liquor... hell alrighty I was tripping
Chasing pussy like a rooky and I know I'm out of bounds
Papered-up and flamed-up nigga showing I'm ?a hound?

All I heard was spittin rounds from the chop I know the sound
Heard the zing and saw the blades trying to lay me down
Took for cover so I ?scrubble? trying to keep from passing out
Doing a hundred on the block I'm in and out I'm blacking out

Called the homies and the ?missles? just in case I didn't make it
Want revenge and I can taste it! I was praying that I made it
I didn't ask for forgiveness I still had to handle bidniss
So as God is my witness I can tell you why I'm living

--- [Hook] x2 ---

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