Letra Cocopops Eskimo Joe

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Eskimo Joe

Álbum: No-album
Reproducciones: 22
Añadido: 25-01-2015
Duración: 01:29
Etiquetas: NO etiquetas

Letra de la canción Cocopops

I went down to the cornerstore, a feeling in my pelvis
walking down the hall, you know what i saw?
a man in a pink jumpsuit, and someone shouted "there's elvis"
I said "hey elvis, uh, whatchya doin?"
he said "i've looked this supermarket through and,
i can't find no shake 'n' bake, but i know where to get some
way up there in outer space, we'll go there in my jet, son.
Gimme gimme cocopops, gimme chocolate shake
gimme gimme everything
i want a shake 'n' bake
gimmegimmecocopopsgimmechocolateshake gimmegimmecocoposiwannashake'n'bake.
So elvis took me up to mars,
and he showed me his collection of red guitars
"but enough's enough son, how's about a you and me,

go get ourselves a shake 'n' bake or three?"
"cos this is where they make the shake 'n' bake,
one mystery ingredient is all that it takes
so many people down on earth they try their hand at faking
but the shakin' bakin' nation's wakin' up, they're not takin' faking

So i went back to earth my head so full of wisdom
and i strolled up to the execs talking all their loads of jism
"i have that mystery ingredient you desire"
"this mystery ingredient will really light your ;
A billion dollars later and i'm a happy man,
smilin' as i'm shakin' bakin' much as i can,
as for elvis hope i don't see him a comin' my way

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