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The Blue Dogs

Álbum: No-album
Reproducciones: 61
Añadido: 01-05-2015
Duración: NO Disponible
Etiquetas: NO etiquetas

Letra de la canción Bill Bill

Well I was the youngest of thirteen children
We lived in a little country town
Never had much to eat
The first words I could speak were patch 'em up and hand-me-downs
Well my daddy hauled bills for the textile mills to pick up the little money we
Had a three room shack with a john out back
We only had paper when daddy got paid
Well somehow i grew up a really fat kid
Though we never had that much to eat
Those rich kids laughed and they beat on me
And their dogs chased me up and down the street
They bite my ankles and tear my pants
Yeah they all had fun with me
And as got fatter those dogs got madder
Things were bout as bad as they could be
Well I always wanted me a puppy
Daddy said there wasn't no way
There wasn't near enough food to feed our crew
There wasn't none to give away
One night a drunk in a poker game
He won ole Bill Tedder's hog
I kinda liked that ole pole shiner so i raised him like a dog

Those rich kids all had puppies
But I never had no dog
It was always me and bill bill
The old fat boy and his hog

Well he'd follow me to school most every day
And he'd waller outside and wait
Yeah sometimes I'd take him fishing with me
But he ate up all my bait
He wasn't much good at hunting either
Cause everything I shot he ate
He was so doggone slow that everywhere we go
We always got there late
But all my troubles they ended one day
When ole Bill Bill got full grown
They waited for us one day after school
And jumped us as we headed home
When the dust had settled and the fur stopped flying
Ole Bill Bill sorta grinned at me
Cause screaming youngins and the howlin dogs, was all there was to see
Well I guess they learned a good lesson
Cause they never bothered us after that day
Those rich kids called us the two tongue terror
And stayed out of our way
And they all disappeared to fancy schools
and the town got kinda dry of dogs
It's only me and Bill Bill
The ole fat boy and his hog

Those rich kids all had puppies
But I never had no dog
It was always me and bill bill
The old fat boy and his hog

That was all many years ago
And ole Bill Bill is a long time gone
See things are a whole lot different now
About the best I've ever known
You see Bill Bill got a little lonesome and brought him a lady friend home one
Now I've got 2872 hogs and several more on the way
Got a thirteen thousand dollar pick em up truck
Making money so doggone fast
Yeah married me a fine southern woman
She's teaching me a little bit of class
Well she just had a little baby boy about as round as he is tall
And I think I'll call him Bill Bill
If he's got any spunk at all

Those rich kids all had puppies
But I never had no dog
It was always me and bill bill
The old fat boy and his hog

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